Serving Lake Charles.: Update 2015 Helping Addicts find God And Rehad. They will walk, Come On bicycles, day and night, I will give them food, advice and small funds.

Charter Number: 35646412 N
Registration Date: 2/12/2004

Our Mission since 2004!

International Non Profit Relief Incorporated Mission is compassion and assistance as a response by offering services to those with need in an effort to promote a productive, sharing community. From Painting homes, to cutting trees, to helping hands we do it all for free. Even he Sad Sad world of Drug Dealers and the people they Hurt. I have helped over 1000+ Local residents. I have attended Celebrate Recovery with addicts, I have talk to local pastors with them about their addictions.. In the end.. I beleive it's in gods hands..Thier future without god is death or arrest.

I am always available to offer them food or small funds for gas,diaper, baby items and Hope, and prayer. Our Local law enforcement agencies are the best, but the Dealers know every angle of the system and most the time Law enforcement are losing the war on drugs.. But if 1 person gets rehad then I feel Complete.
INPRI Pride Ourselves on the fact we take in NO donations.
INPRI supplies all donations & sometimes with the Help of Volunteers sort & distribute to those locally and abroad in need.With random acts of kindness
We have donated Clothing, food baskets,small funds as available and labor to aid the needy.
Inpri drops off these items usually as referrals usually with anonymous discretion.

Organization Profile

I.N.P.R.I. is a relief center that arose from the life changing auto wreck that took place when a DUI driver hit a car with me as a passanger. Putting me on another path needed in our world today.
I do Contribute efforts with local civic organizations, as referrals usually with anonymous discretion.
INPRIS relief projects are thereby non-denominational. IPRI strives to offer compassion and aid to those families who, for no single reason, are suffering from financial or other setbacks. Persons with needs are served as available ,regardless of race, sex, age, social and economic status, national origin, or religious background, to the end that all persons served can be helped to achieve their fullest potential as children of God. The underlying premise of I.N.P.R.I.
is that promoting self-sufficiency in turn promotes a sense of community cohesiveness.